Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Position Description
Volunteer English teachers are needed at this placement to provide English lessons to both the children and the mamas at YAAPHA house . Learning how to speak English is a very important skill set for a person in Moshi in order to obtain many of the more desirable and better paying jobs.
The children who live at YAAPHA House usually come from very difficult situations and most have experienced quite a bit of tragedy in their young lives. As a result, they are more at risk of having challenges finding employment because they have been marginalized within their community.
A volunteer English teacher who is willing to help these children and the mamas at YAAPHA House improve their English skills would be helping to increase the chances of the children finding employment in the years to come and consequently a brighter future.
Currently there is only one mama at the center who is able to speak English. This is a challenge for the organization because the children are not being forced to practice their English, therefore their English speaking skills are very limited. A volunteer English teacher would not only give English lessons but would also encourage conversations in English at other times in the house so all could benefit -- an example would be at mealtime.
Although YAAPHA House has only ten children who live at the centre but they still require additional assistance in helping to make sure that the house is clean and well kept. There are three mamas that work at the house, all doing different tasks. Only one of which is a full-time staff, as the organization can not sustain more than one full-time person.
The three mamas that work at YAAPHA House rotate their work during the day; while one mama is cleaning the house another mama is washing clothes and the third is preparing lunch for the children. Volunteer English teachers at this placement would be expected to take part in these chores. The house is big, so it requires work to keep it clean and the children properly cared for.
Volunteers may be asked to assist with basic childcare needs like: buying groceries at the market or numerous other household chores that would be of great assistance in the house.

Volunteer Tasks Required
Teach English
Most of the English teaching at this placement would be informal. The English practiced would be during games or other after school activities that you had developed. However, for the mamas, structured English lessons during the day would be appreciated.
A volunteer English teacher at YAAPHA House would be asked to assist the mama's with washing the children, washing their clothing, helping them to get ready for classes, as well as assisting at mealtime in both the cooking and feeding of the children.
General Household Duties
The mama's are incredibly busy, so they appreciate any help they can get from the volunteer English teachers in regards to: the cleaning of the house, tending to the garden as well as helping them fetch supplies from town.
Proposal/Grant Research & Writing
YAAPHA can always use more assistance; they would appreciate volunteers who are able to research opportunities for them to receive grants and assist them in the writing of these. Updating the information on their website and brochures that are circulated in town would also be of great assistance.
Organize Games
A volunteer English teacher would be expected to develop and implement games for the children not in school that would teach the English language in a fun and enjoyable manner. These games may involve singing or dancing activities and should encourage the children to interact with each other. The goal is to create a warm and happy learning environment for the children. 

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