Friday, January 4, 2013


Today On 3rd January 2013 we get visitors from WORLD Unite Who is Adelina, Nicole and Chris. These visitors have come in order to see and evaluate the work we do in our organization YOUTH IN ACTION Against Poverty and HIV / AIDS. (YAAPHA). Despite all have met with individuals who we work with them in the Name of Bomambuzi and  Pasua. This meeting was held in the office of Executive County of Kilimani estate at Bomambuzi ward, cooperation with the local chairman of the executive officer of a local hill. Organization leaders present at achieving this activity is Peter Bundala who is coordinator of the Organization and Ally Mzava Accounting  of the Organization.
We have found the three target groups which are: -
a)  football team of young people who are under the age of 18
b)  Children Orphaned and vulnerable
c)  People Living with HIV and AIDS.
In our conversations with our guests who visit us our beneficiaries were able to speak their challenges in front of them and what can be done to try to solve these challenges.
Given the goals of the organization is to eradicate extreme poverty in the community by providing education and training such as entrepreneurship, vocational and formal education from kindergarten level to continue. All this is aimed at helping to enable children to achieve their educational dreams by getting all their needs, including school fees and other contributions paid to the schools. All this will be achieved if deliberate efforts by all stakeholders. The following pictures show some of the events at the meeting of the day with our guests.

 a)  football team of young people who are under the age of 18

 b)  Children Orphaned and vulnerable

 c)People Living with HIV and AIDS.


Anonymous said...

Good job YAAPHA.
Josephine - Argentina

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good job

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Hongereni Bwana Peter na kazi zenu nzuri mnazofanya
James- Tanga