Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Organization Background

YAAPHA is a non profit organization working in Tanzania main land.Established in 2010 and got registered in  July 2011. YAAPHA operates in Kilimanjaro, Tabora and Kigoma Regions.
We are  non –profit   organization that provides HIV/AIDS prevention,   education, counselling, care and support in Tanzania Mainland.
YAAPHA was established as a response to the problem of HIV/AIDS infections, Drug abuse, Challenges of Education among children, Adults  and the  effects of the AIDS  in our community.  As it is known that AIDS is a global problem and Tanzania is amongest  of the hardest hit countries in the world as such our local community villages have not been spared. We have people been infected so far and some already died, while others are nursing sick relatives at their homes and youth who affected by drugs marijuana,cocaine etc.. We also have orphans and vulnerable children who have lost parents and close relatives to AIDS. These children are in need of material and psychosocial support.
The major focus of the organization is all about poverty reduction, Education  programs among  youth , children and general community population and realization of sustainable development

YAAPHA’s current  areas of concentration is in 8 wards of  Moshi Municipa in Kilimanjaro Regionl, 2 Districts of Tabora Region and 1 District of Kigoma Region.  We are  based in  Tella Village at Kiboriloni. YAAPHA organization  has 5 staffs  and 10 local volunteers in Moshi Office .Six   volunteers  out of the number are Women. Also has  One  Accounts   officer(Male) ,Administrative  secretary/ cleaner(Female) and one security guard (Male) under the administrative  personnel. Under Activities’ section we have a project coordinator(M) and a program officer (M). In Tabora and Kigoma we has 6 Staffs.

The vision of  YAAPHA  is getting a well educated society able to bring about social change in all aspects of socially for sustainable development.

The mission of the organization is committed to address the needs of  our targeted groups in providing safe , reliable and sustainable education regardless their economic  status.